TNI celebrates 15 years of tradition

The National Real Estate Trade Show in Romania - TNI is the defining event for the real estate market and its related fields, which brings together in one place: developers, real estate brokerages, financial institutions, lenders, investment funds, real estate management companies, institutional investors, specialized media and marketing companies. The National Real Estate Trade Show is the largest real estate event in Romania, one of the most relevant in Eastern Europe and this year celebrates 15 years of tradition.

TNI marks the real estate trends, creates business opportunities and provides a unique platform for exhibitors to promote and develop their activity, that has proven its efficiency during the 30th editions of the TNI.

The National Real Estate Trade Show in Romania becomes international and the event will take place in OCTOBER between 4th-6th, in the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania. The ANNIVERSARY 15 years edition of TNI and has the support and trust of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI),  National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and National Real Estate Association in Bulgaria (NREA) as International Partners.

“Important conferences will take place during the three days of the National Real Estate Trade Show TNI in Romania. We have the honor of having with us Mr. Walid MOUSSA, the FIABCI World President, that will have the Opening Speech at the TNI Official Opening Event. During the TNI  that takes place between 4th-6th October at the Palace of Parliament, Mr Walid Moussa will also have personal one to one meetings with Romanian Real Estate Professionals, Decisional Directors and company Presidents regarding business opportunities and developing future partnerships.

At the TNI Official Opening Event we also have the privilege of having with us Mr. Zola SZERENCSES, NAR Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Alina AEBY, NAR Ambassador for Romania and Moldova and Mr. Josh BURKE, US Embassy” -   Cristina BERCEA, PR BDObc Business Center.


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